LEXFO - Because information security is essential

Offensive Security

Technical expertise company in computer security.
We help our customers protect their information using
a both offensive and innovative approach.

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Because information security is essential,
LEXFO guarantees a high-level technical expertise
to protect our client information.

Ambionics monitoring

Ensure a permanent protection of information systems through a semi-automated approach

Security audit

Identify vulnerabilities in information systems by simulating external or internal attacks

Application security

Ensure the highest level of application security at the code level

CSIRT – Incident response

Detect possible information systems compromises and assess the level of data corruption

R&D and innovation

Provide LEXFO's expertise to anticipate new threats

Task Forces

Give LEXFO's expertise to our clients


Benefits of a high security level and specific to detect security vulnerabilities of information systems.

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To anticipate vulnerabilities in their IT systems, many clients have already trusted LEXFO with security services to protect their sensitive data.

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