An independent company

LEXFO is an independent company providing audits and technical expertise in computer security whose mission is to help its clients protect their information assets by an offensive approach.

The diversity of technical expertise, rigor and responsiveness of our experts define LEXFO's identity.

Contact us

17 avenue Hoche

Phone number
+33 1 40 17 91 28

contact [at] lexfo [dot] fr

Our areas of expertise
Web, Cloud, Mobile, Operating Systems, Reverse engineering, Malware, Exploitation, Embedded systems, Incident response, Cryptography, Telecom and Network and Connected Objects.

LEXFO's identity

The diversity of our technical expertise, rigor and responsiveness of our experts define the identity of LEXFO

Monitoring, innovation, expertise and intrusion are the company key words:

  • Monitoring offers: protecting customers against today's threats
  • Innovation: investment in R&D to meet the challenges of tomorrow
  • Offensive approach: use of methods equivalent to those used by cyber attackers
  • Recognized technical expertise: CSPN approval delivered by the ANSSI (The National Cybersecurity Agency of France)
  • Quality of our services: flexibility, responsiveness and willingness to be irreproachable

Lexfo's R&D

LEXFO is an accredited YIC (Young Innovative Company) by the Ministry of Education and Research for its research projects in computer security, and also benefits from CIR (Research Tax Credit).

Our projects have a dual purpose:

address current topics
offer innovative solutions

in the field of computer security around issues related to the scope of information systems, their heterogeneity, and the abundance of information passing through them.

Industrialization is a key word in our research projects.


LEXFO's team spends about 30% of its activity to research and development:

  • 2G-3G interception
  • Incidents response process industrialization
  • Virtual environment bypass operation technique
  • Attack on connected objects
  • Study of the mechanisms implemented by crypto-currencies