Offensive security

Technical expertise company in IT security, LEXFO develops a range of solutions to protect the information assets of enterprises

By adopting an offensive approach, LEXFO's services provide a complete and adapted response:manual benefits based on human intelligence and supported by internally developed tools.

The Lexfo services guarantee

  1. Specific recommendations
    with profession consideration
  2. The answer to specific technical needs (development of reliable exploits, reverse engineering of mobile applications, etc.)
  3. And absolute confidentiality
    on the identity of its clients, the nature of its operations and the information held

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Need assistance in responding to security incidents?

Our incident response team can be contacted Monday through Sunday inclusive, 8:30 am to 10:30 pm (UTC+1).
If you want to benefit from our services outside of these hours, we also offer Incident Response support so that you can contact our security experts when you need it.

+33 (0)1 40 17 93 00
CSIRT​@​lexfo​.​fr – GPG public key : CSIRT-LEXFO_public_key.asc

Ambionics monitoring


  • Ensure constant protection of information assets of its clients


  • Mapping on the Internet
  • AMBIONICS ® external monitoring SaaS
  • Monitoring offer of internal Information Systems
  • Public information leaks monitoring
  • Remediation steering

Security audit


  • Simulate external or internal attacks
  • Identifying and evaluating system vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate the Information System security level
  • Offer corrective solutions


  • Blackbox, greybox and whitebox intrusion test
  • Red Team audit
  • Architecture audit
  • Audit process industrialization

Application security


  • Detect application vulnerabilities
  • Ensure optimal protection of application code
  • Integrate security into the development process


  • Audit of source code
  • Reverse engineering
  • Safe development

CSIRT – Incident response


  • Detect possible compromises
  • Know who, when, where and how intrusions happen
  • Knowing the level of corruption of customer data


  • Doubt removal
  • Digital forensics
  • Malicious code analysis and reverse engineering


R&D and innovation


  • Provide customers with the LEXFO team's skills
  • Allow to anticipate new threats


  • Study of new threats and definition of attack scenarios
  • Exploit development
  • Technical intelligence service
  • Definition and security applications design

Task Force


  • Distribute the LEXFO's team knowledge and practices
  • Gather skills in a specific field quickly


  • Security audits / intrusion tests done live with clients
  • Extensive practical work in vulnerability research and exploitation
  • Specific audit tools development