Task forces

Through an innovative approach,
LEXFO brings pragmatism and field expertise through its concept of Task Force, both being essential today to face the threats of tomorrow.

A simple community

LEXFO suggests taking into account the technical perimeter of your information system to ensure a skills transfer adapted to your environment. LEXFO then adapts the Task Force to the needs analyzed: appropriate tools and methodologies, document references, etc.

The support then continues in your premises for a short duration, and focuses on your perimeter and needs.

A pragmatic approach

The Task Force brings you the field expertise desired by treating concrete cases specific to your information system: intrusion test on one of your Web sites audit your Android mobile app, etc.

The Task Force program is personalized and based on the scope you choose!

A LEXFO expert follows you and then guides you throughout the Task Force on the achievement tests.

A transfer assured skills

The Task Force allows your teams to quickly gain skills while working on the provision of security and can immediately use the results.

This transfer of skills to your teams will allow better capitalization of knowledge and greater autonomy in achieving your security missions with the acquisition of methodologies and practical grip tools.

The topics we approach

The prerequisites desired are the theoretical bases of each technical item described below.

  • Intrusion tests: carrying live an intrusion test on a web application.
  • Android audit: reverse engineering of an Android mobile application.
  • Static analysis: Java, PHP, C, etc. source code vulnerability search.
  • Exploitation: Linux operating vulnerabilities in user space and kernel.
  • Methodology Industrialisation: development of specific audit tools.
  • For any other questions, please contact us.

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